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    does any body know anything about a unit called t force that were stationed on the ilse of wight around about d day they went in as airborne troops and thats all i know my uncle was apparantly involved with them some how
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    Found this it may help

    On 6th June 1944, 5 KINGS landed as a Beach Group Battalion in Normandy. The Battalion completed its duties and was eventually to have been dispersed as reinforcements for other units, the same fate as her sister battalion, 8 KINGS, the Liverpool Irish. However the CO, Lieutenant Colonel G D Wreford-Browne, made strenuous representations that 5 KINGS was almost the most senior TA battalion in the Army and deserved a better fate. Accordingly the battalion was made up to strength and took part in the operation to contain the German forces in Dunkirk as part of the Czech 29th Armoured Brigade.

    In February 1945, the Battalion was selected to take on the role of a T Force unit, whose tasks had been identified by Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. Experience in other theatres had shown that important intelligence, equipment, personnel and installations were being overlooked for lack of a dedicated force to seize them. A 'Target' or T Force was required. After moving into Belgium, 5 KINGS received an influx of category A1 personnel and became the lead unit of T Force. In 1946, No 2 T Force was formed and 5 KINGS left to be reformed under Lieutenant Colonel F Denton, returning to the UK via Iserlohn.
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