South Lancashire Operation Heather Feb 1945

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    Having just received my grandfather's service records, I have now confirmed that he was injured twice. The first time on 13th or 14th June 1944 - shrapnel wounds to ankle (he limped for the remainder of his life). Having seen the war diary for this period which someone has kindly put online, I can see that he was fighting around La Londel.

    He was TOS to an x list and embarked on 5th January 1945, returning to 1st South Lancashires. He was then injured again on 27th February - Gun Shot Wound to his mouth. From what I can glean online, the South Lancashires were involved in some pretty heavy fighting around Goch at this time - Operation Heather. Does anyone have the war diary for 1st S Lancs for those few days in February? I'd be really grateful... No matter if not though as I can feel a visit to Kew coming on!

    Interestingly, his records seem to suggest he was attached to some Royal Engineer Units for short periods in 1942. I think one says attached to 15 Field Park Company RE and another later one says 246 Field Company RE.

    All interesting stuff!

    Many thanks! image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    Both those sapper units were in 3rd Infantry Division as was 1st Bn South Lancs.

    Some inter-divisional training going on maybe?

    As for 27th Feb, Delaforce in Monty's Ironsides says they suffered 76 casualties that day, 5 officers & 25 other ranks killed. Two company commanders killed but took 32 POWs

    Scarfe in Assault Division says ,

    ..the South Lancs , 8 Brigade's left hand battalion , met sterner opposition . This was bypassed by the troop of tanks of the Grenadier Guards supporting C company , who ''reached the main road but were picked off by bazookas...The leading platoon of A company forced their way through the woods on to the road , but were picked off by machine gun fire enfilade, and by snipers, across the road. The battalion consolidated between three and four hundred yards short of the objective, the action having proved extremely costly , especially in officers . Among the killed were Major Carse and Major Watson , C and A company commanders , Captain Carmichael and Lieutenants Slack and Helm.''
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    Thank you, Owen - that's really interesting! Thank you for taking the time to do that.
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    1 South Lancs war diary February 1945

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    Wow, that's brilliant - thank you so much!

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