Soft Skinned Vehicle Deliveries?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Names and Census Numbers' started by KevinT, Jan 19, 2023.

  1. KevinT

    KevinT Senior Member

    Is there an equivalent of 25th CADR that delivered soft skinned vehicle and if so is it online something similar to Canadian Heritage site.
    Any advice help or pointers appreciated.


  2. Temujin

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    Kevin, the transport and issue of ALL supplies and equipment was the responsibility of the RCASC. These unit were at various levels, including Corps, Army and Line of Communications.

    Transporting supplies from RCOC depots, field parks, or other establishments was the job of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. The RCASC was responsible for holding, moving, and issuing to the fighting troops all food, ammunition, POL (Petrol-or gasoline-Oil, and Lubricants), and any other necessary equipment. To move supplies from rear areas to the battle zone, the Corps was equipped with a variety of vehicles including 3-ton to 10-ton lorries and 40-ton tank transporters. The RCASC also transported troops.

    I am not positive if “specific” units were allocated to movement of vehicles, or units assigned as needed. My “guess” would be this would be a specific task, as new and replacement vehicles were need constantly…

    I’ll see what else I can find
  3. Tom OBrien

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    UK replacement ‘B’ vehicles were managed by RAOC Vehicle Coys - I’ve looked at several British Vehicle Company diaries and they contain tables of issues and returns. They don’t go into detail of types though.

    Were there Canadian Vehicle Companies?


  4. KevinT

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    Hi Tom,

    I have a "B" list of census number batches by vehicle type and contract. It is not 100% complete or accurate as you know contracts are not always completed but it a great starting place.

    I have appreciated all the numbers you have listed and I have recorded these along with others on a spreadsheet.



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