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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone came across interesting anecdotes of information about that building - Chiltern Court, which is on Baker Street and sits right on the top of the Baker Street Tube Station?

    During wwII, it used to host the agents of Nordic section of the SOE and had a shooting range in the basement (still in use in the 90s I heard).

    Any stories, facts, etc. or even better documents would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Thomas L.
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    The Scandinavian Section of SOE had it's offices in Chiltern Court - they also occupied a couple of flats in the building. The shooting range was in part of the Underground Station and several of the SOE Country Sections housed nearby used it for both training and informal competitions - usually for packs of cigarettes. The F Section Agent Violette Szabo was a regulkar user of the range and usually won the competitions! The actual range belonged to the London Transport Shooting Club.

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    Many thanks for the reply. Very interesting to find out Violette had been a regular user. I had not heard about the competitions either!
    btw I believe the range is now hosting some of the offices of Transport for London.
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  4. Are there any photos of the shooting range?

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