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    As a continuation of the recent ‘Beyond the Birkenau’ material, I invite you to join my walking tour around the ‘Auschwitz-1’ or ‘Stammlager (main camp). These locations are rarely recognized by the tourist groups, while they are on the short 200 meters’ distance from the camp fence. These unobvious places can give a deeper understanding of the Auschwitz nature and its dramatic bureaucratic functioning.

    I have devoted almost a month to this detailed article with the history of each site and building, dozens of archival and present photos, quotes from the books on the issue. It would be the most precious part to get your feedback. Ask questions, share your stories, add value. And travel your own history.

    Sites beyond Auschwitz-1 camp: Rare walking tour

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    Another great blog. Is the camp bakery shown in this write-up the same one that Witold Pilecki escaped from?
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    Thank you for these words of encouragement. As for your question, I have read the Pilecki bio, yet misses the information about the bakery in the story of his escape. As it was the only bakery of such kind within the 'Main camp' it's of great possibility that the information you have read was about this very building.

    p.s. I did my visit to Warsaw last week and noticed a banner with Witold Pilecki on the front side of the Mokotow prison, where he was kept by the pro-communist prosecution and executed by shooting in the back of the head back in 1948. Maybe one day I would make some additional research about this national hero of Poland, maybe a journey along with the sites, connected with him.

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