Sikh Remembrance Day Service

Discussion in 'British Indian Army' started by Owen, Nov 11, 2010.

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    Thought this would be a good place to post this video that Drew gave me heads up on.

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    The contribution and sacrifices made by India, Indians and Indian soldiers in both World Wars is certainly not just recognised by Indians whether in India or abroad but a matter of great pride for them. There are numerous war memorials to those brave men, units which fought in those wars carry their battle honours with justifiable pride and events like Tofrek, Neuve Chappele, Gallipoli, Kut-el-Amara, Point 171, Alamein, Monte Cassino, Kohima, Imphal, the crossing of the Irrawady and Meiktila among others are observed with a much fervour as the battle honours of free India.

    What a great thread and I'm sorry I missed it first time around. An impressive list of Memorials listed above and just to add one more to the list...Basra..


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