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    Great site.

    I am looking for an issue of the 8th Army News which contains an article , with photo, about 'first guys to land in continental europe'. This would be 17 August 43 + , I would guess. The reason for the interest is that my dad's CO is pictured there ( I am told) along with a few others who got awards for being 'first ashore' . ( They were Naval Commandos, went in with the Canadian 1st Division at Pachino, Sicily). My dad - somewhat randomly - got his DSM in this way.

    It seems the IWM has a copy but I am unable to get up there for a few months. Does anyone have any copies? ( I understand it was a daily paper - so I know there are an awful lot of issues ).

    Thanks in advance for any help /ideas


    (Paul Seaton)
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    I just checked my notes & find that the issue I am looking for came WAY after the actual invasion. My source says it is in a MAY 1945 issue - presumably at/ after the actual award of the medals at Buck P .

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