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    Dear All,
    With thanks to a family friend I now have a translation of Leslie's Japanese POW Index card.
    The first line on the reverse reads: Showa 17 Oct 11th 1942 moved to Osaka prison camp.
    The second line on the reverse reads: Showa 20 Sept 8th 1945 at Osaka station handed over to John Rock.
    Additional information on the front of the card reads: Occupation - soldier, Rank - Army soldier, Place of capture - defending Hong Kong, Name -Raito Leslie.

    I understand that Showa refers to the reign of Emperor Hirohito so guess that Showa 17 must mean in the 17th year of his reign/dynasty?

    However, I have been unable to establish who was John Rock? Was he a British or US Commander perhaps? Any information would be appreciated.

    The name Raito also puzzled me. I understand that this is a Japanese Christian name. Could this have been Leslie's name in Japanese?

    I notice that there is still no reference on any of Leslie's documents concerning the Lisbon Maru.

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