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    I have recently received the following reply from APC, Kentigern House, Glasgow in response to my request for additional information.
    I really hope they can meet the timeframe promised.

    "Thank you for your email.
    I am afraid that there is no guarantee that an AFB103 is held on the file.

    Currently under the MOD Publication Scheme all we are releasing is a copy of the AFB200 & attestation papers (if held). These documents meet all our obligations of disclosure.

    You would need to apply through my section for the information held on archived Army records but at the moment, I am afraid that no further action would be taken if you were to make an application at present (due to the significant backlog of work that has built up during the lockdown period as postal applications continued to be sent to the office), furthermore we are unable to provide a definitive date when a response would be issued to you.

    Some good news is that work is currently being taken on an online application process (where payments can be made online). This is a few months off yet but I would advise you to check this site later in the year:

    SO3 | Disclosures 4 (Historical) | MP 555 | APC Support Division | Army Personnel Centre | Kentigern House | 65 Brown St | Glasgow | G2 8EX
    DTN: 94561 2670 | 0141-224-2670 | Fax: 3172 |
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