Service Records 5784021 Norman Marshall, 33 Indian Corps Signals, India/Burma

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    I have just received my fathers service records and was hoping that I could get a recommendation on how best to understand the information which is in them. He volunteered aged 18 and was posted to the 70th Royal Norfolks before being transferred to the Royal Signals Corps in India and then from what we can understand then in to 33 Corps Signals Burma Command. His name was Norman Marshall Army number 5784021. Any help greatly appreciated, I am happy to upload the documents if this helps.
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    The best thing you can do is photograph them and upload them here--the full documents. You'll probably need to play around to make sure that each file is under 2mb in size, but a good number of people here can work through the abbreviations and give you an idea about what it relevant and why.
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    Good advice there from Charley Fortnum.
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    Thanks guys for the suggestion, images duly attached. He spoke very little about his time in India and Burma and we have had to wait many years to get his service records so we are only just starting our research, any help would be very much appreciated. We are keen to identify the units he served in so we can get war diary copies hopefully to help us get his story. There are also a few references to being hospitalised and a number of references to NCO promotions which are interesting. I have also attached a couple of pictures , in the group one he is on the right hand side as you look at the picture. I think this was taken shortly before he was sent back to the UK where he served as a CQMS at a Signals Depot in Reading before being demobbed in 1947 . Single photo is dated 1942 and he has royal Norfolk Cap badge so think this was taken shortly after he enlisted. Other records state that in 33 Corps Signals BORS (?) he was deducted a days pay for an SEC11 AA offence which I believe is failing to obey an order. Any help will be most greatfuly appreciated.

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    Thanks for attaching the service papers.

    Hopefully a member will be along to give you full chapter and verse. All I can say is that he is posted to 33 Indian Corps Signals but his records don’t clarify whether he served at Corps level or with a unit within the Corps structure except for a reference to 29 Op (Operating?) Section 29.10.1943.

    XXXIII Corps (British India) - Wikipedia

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    Thanks Steve, appreciate you help on this , have Googled 29 Op Sec with no results so far which are relevant.
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    Many thanks for your reply it is much appreciated. Is there anyway of finding out what company my father serviced in at all from his records?
  9. bamboo43

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    Sadly, I don't think there is.
  10. HectorPuppy

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    Thanks for your help, very much appreciated.

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