Seine Crossing Aug 1944

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    Despite much searching haven't been able to find photo of either the crossings at Portejoie or the bridge built a few days later at Les Andelys. Can anyone help please?
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    I was at both those places. Under the bank of the River, I found two Jewish Servicemen's graves. All by themselves, not even enclose by a fence or perimeter of any kind. Not only where they Standard British service headstones, but they were beautifully kept and looked like new. I have tried several times to find out something about them. But It is almost as though they never existed. But they were Two Jewish graves close together near the River.

    They were also engraved in Hebrew so I was unable to know what or who.
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    Ron - was that Portejoie or Les Andelys? And when was this? You say 'standard British service headstones' - do you mean CWGC? Sorry about all the questions, that sounds most intersting if they are now not there. I don't recall any Jewish headstones or graves in the surrounding churchyards I visted - Venables, St.Pierre - perhaps someone who knows the CWGC better might be able to help?
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    Owen -thanks for the pointer-Ill certainly get a copy for the photo of the bridge. I am hoping there might be others- either of the bridge or crossing -but I haven't been successful in finding any.
    Thanks for your comments Ron. Were you participant in either the crossings or the bridge construction?
    My father with 70 Field Coy (6ATRE) moved from combray to Beaumont Le Roger on 26th Aug. Next day moved N. Of Louvier and at 1800hrs at MR 268907 ferried by stormboat 3 battallions 15 Scottish Div across ferrying throughout the night. Next day 28th at midday left 2 boats and moved the remainder toPortejoie where ferrying continued.
    Next day 29th the Coy moved top Pt Andelys built a 30ft bridge and commenced work on the bridge across the Seine at Les Andelys. Work involved landing bay and approach road. Bridge completed 31st 0430 hrs measured 462 ft. (extracted War Diary).
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    sapper's name is Brian not Ron.
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    Thanks Owen and my apologies Brian-hope you can share some recollections.
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    Just joined the forum, My Dad and I are going through my grandfathers war photos.

    We found this and have narrowed it down to the bridge at Les Andeleys - Port Morin

    All we originally had to go on was luckily he had noted on the back of the photo. "Bridge over the river Seine, France, summer 1944"

    The castle and google maps/earth helped us track it down.

    And that linked to this forum

    Hope this is of some interest.

    my grand father was in 'I' company 1st battalion , the Rifle Brigade, Winchester and was with the 7th Armoured

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