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    I forgot that I already downloaded the diaries from Laurier. Memory!
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    True, October 13, 1944 for example. A black page in the regimental history of the Black Watch from Canada. However, the 3rd Inf. Div. did not served in that area.

    I'm aware that Laurier doesn't have WD pages after August 31 on the website, but I replied on earlier messages in this topic. It seems some members have the pages of my interest.
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    Still looking for WD of SDG and HLIofC October + November 1944.
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    Hello, I'm researching my grandfathers records with SDG during WW2
    I am looking for the War Diary months October 1944 and March 1945 if you could help or anyone?
    His name: WARD Douglas A.
    Service No. G-53364 Private
    9th Brigade
    These are the two time he was wounded
    October 21st,1944 1st listed wounded
    March 25th,1945 2nd listed wounded

    Hello wondering if you could also help me with the same War Diary? I'm researching my grandfather who was wounded October 21,1944 and again March 25,1945.
    Service No. G-53364
    Douglas A. WARD
    Stormont Dundas Glengarry Highlanders
    3rd Div. - 9TH brigade - B Coy.

    In need of the same documents your requested if you still have access to them any help even just address to find them myself would be great !

    Wondering if anyone could help me find the Stormont Dundas Glengarry Highlanders(SDG) war diary for October 1944 & March 1945 ?
    My grandfather was wounded October 21,44 and again March 25,1945 with little details of location amd nature of wounds.
    Name Douglas A. WARD
    Service No. G-53364
    3 Canadian Infantry Division
    9th Brigade - B Coy.(I believe)
    Doing research amd power point of his War time involve the for his sons and daughters and grandchildren!!
    Thank you for your time !
    Lest we forget
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    Thank you for the fast response Bedee
    I will certainly search the link you provided....I will update you if I find anything..!
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    Your Grandfather most probably sailed in my backyard, during Operation Veritable.
    Beek - Zyfflich - Donsbruggen - Cleve for SD&G in the opening phase.
    So happy to help you.

    From the wardiary SD&G: 25 March "B" coy is now on the move, but have lost one of their Peashooters due to shrapnel.
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    Hello again Bedee,
    After 76 years I can confirm I have found a picture of my grandfather Aged 23,Douglas A Ward in uniform !! Hilverseen, Holland June 6th 1945 during a celebration marking 1 year since D-Day.
    I have looked for 10 solid years for a photo, I have looked at this photo in the archives but it was not digitally chance I searched the faces 1 more time zoomed in as much as possible....and there he was !
    I have attached a picture to show you
    Thanks for caring and trying to help me
    Kevin Martin
    Lest We Forget

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    Hello wondering if I could also trouble you for the link or attachment with the Oct 44 SDG war diary , also looking for March 45 if you have any advice or links on where I can find them, I would be greatly appreciative ! Thanks for your time
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    Great that you found a Photo of him in Uniform in HILVERSUM, the Netherlands. Search on Hilversum in the Library and archives for more pictures.

    MARCH 1945
    Operation Plunder, from the Wardiary of the SDG March 1945, you will find an overlay of 25 March 1945. See the Attachment incl an underlying map. B Coy send out a patrol in the direction of Vrasselt. You will fnd some more details in the WD.
    I send you the link before but here again Collection Search - Library and Archives Canada "SDG" Item number 8

    Intresting are the details of Injured soldiers, but in the March WD they are from Sep/Okt/Nov 1944. So maybe good to investigate the follow up WD, maybe you will find some details of your Grandfather.

    OCTOBER 1944
    Operation Switchback, The battle of the Scheldt. In the WD of the 9th Brigade it is mentioned that on 21 October 1944 SDG was attacking Fort Hendrick Hendrik (in reallity this is Fort Frederik Hendrik in Breskens), most probably he is wounded here. You will find more details at Canadiansoldiers. Another intresting document/study you will find here form the Laurier Centre.

    Untill now i didnt find the WD of October 1944 from SDG, but im sure we have some specialist for The Battle of the Scheldt.

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    I have the Sept-Oct-Nov 44 SDG War diary. Perhaps we can trade a WD I'm looking for?

    - Queens Own Cameron Highlanders Sept 44
    - Royal Montreal Regiment Oct 44

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