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  1. lionboxer

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    Has anyone got a photograph of a Scout Car that would have been used by Royal Engineers in India/Burma circa 1944 please?
  2. Owen

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    Could be White Scout car or Daimler Dingo.
    Anymore info ?
  3. DaveB

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    Not too sure what you are looking for. Is such a thing referred to somewhere in a publication?

    I had a quick look on the IWM site and here are a couple of candidates:

    A Daimler scout car, Sherman tank and Dodge weapons carrier disembarking from a pontoon raft after crossing the Irrawaddy at Ngazun, 28 February 1945.


    Lord Louis Mountbatten, Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia, stands in a Dodge command car looking at the hills of Mandalay away in the distance during a tour of inspection of the front line, 13-18 January 1945.

  4. Tony56

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    You may find something here:
  5. Vintage Wargaming

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    If it needed to carry engineering stores then the White is a good shout. If it is just a runaround then Dingo is a better bet.
  6. lionboxer

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    Thanks for your replies. It looks as though it could be the Daimler if it's just a two man crew (commander and driver). A report also mentions about a bren gunner being injured by bullet splashes fired through the firing slits.

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    Daimler scout cars were widely used by all sorts of units in Burma throughout the war. White scout cars were much less common; some were used during the 1942 retreat - presumably borrowed from US - Chinese stocks in Rangoon docks.
  9. lionboxer

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    Since I posted this request nearly four years ago I have gleaned some frighteningly accurate information!
    The actual vehicle in question was a “Ford Armoured Canadian Scout Car MkIII, B.A. No. 70437, Hull No.1342.” I still don’t have a picture though!

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