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  1. New Member. I am trying to find a cousin, whom it seems was a POW in WW2. His name was James Wedlock, Guardsman in the Scots Guards, Service no 2697861. Can someone lead me to where I may find his records please. I think he was taken in Italy in January 1944. In anticipation, thank you. Rose Anne
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    Scots Guards service records are held at their RHQ at Wellington Barracks. Full address and details of how to contact them are on the forum somewhere.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    He was likely captured at Anzio. I'm sure a member will be along later with his details from the German POW lists.

    You can also look in Findmypast at your local library ( if you are in UK) and you should find him on the official War Office Casualty List.

    The full details of his time as POW will be held by the Red Cross in Switzerland. The next window for enquiries opens 1st Oct - site probably won't open for online applications until Monday 2nd but I would still check a couple of times on Sunday just in case - so you should complete their online application as soon as possible as the window usually closes within 72 hours of opening due to demands for information exceeding ICRC resources.

    You could post another topic asking if any member could look up his Liberation Questionnaire at UK National Archives. However IIRC forum member DBF (Diane) has posted a number of Scots Guards POW questionnaires -

    Scots Guards, Prisoners of War

    Scots Guards Liberated Prisoner of War Interrogation Questionnaires

    as well as the Scots Guards missing personnel files - in the Gallery section of the forum.

    SCOTS GUARDS - Italy, Missing Personnel file

    From missing personnel file above confirms POW at Anzio -

    2697861 Guardsman J WEDLOCK 1st Bn. Scots Guards 278154 Stalag 357 WO 361/785 SG Missing ITALY ; Missing 30/31 Jan 1944 POW

    Lastly you could obtain his service record from HQ Scots Guards, Wellington Barracks, London on payment of £30. Will have full details of his service but little about his time as POW.

    Your priority should be submitting a Red Cross enquiry. Takes 3 or 4 months to get a reply but it's a free service.

    Requests for information about people held during the Spanish Civil War or the Second World War: Quarterly limit reached

    Good Luck

    Steve Y

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    Hi Rose


    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: J McM Wedlock
    Rank: Guardsman
    Army Number: 2697861
    Regiment: Scots Guards
    POW Number: 278154
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: 357
    Camp Location: Oerbke, Lower Saxony
    Record Office: Scots Guards Record Office, 25/28, Buckingham Gate, London, SW1
    Record Office Number: 13

    You will need to obtain his service records from the Scots Guards - link here - Archives | Scots Guards you need to scroll down to 'B' Request for information/service details from 1930

    Once you have these and they will tell you where he was and when (which battalion etc) then the next step is to look up the War Diaries - as an example member dbf has transcribed many of the WD's - link here to one of them - War Diary: 3rd Tank Battalion SCOTS GUARDS, Jan - Dec 1944

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    I am a battlefield guide for Anzio. If you would like the story of what 1 SG were doing on the night of 30/31 Jan 44 - they were part of the 24 Guards Brigade advance from Aprilia to Campoleone up the Anzio-Albano road, just start up a conversation with me and include your email address. I will happily share the story and the mapping with you.


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    Here's the first page of James' MI9 Liberation Questionnaire, which he would have completed soon after his release.


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    I work in Hamilton so was quite interested to see him as being from nearby - Home Farm Row seems to have been houses tied in to Home Far Mine which was between Hamilton and Larkhall - if your in the area I'd suggest a visit to Hamilton Library and look at Hamilton Advertisers from the time as he will probably get a mention.
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  8. What can I say? To you all, my most sincere thanks for your time spent helping me to learn more of my cousin, James Wedlock. I do wonder if you have any idea how much it means to me, and I'm sure many others, who live so far from the sources of our families records, whether they be War Casualties, Survivors and those who were turned down for war service, for whatever reason. I am comparatively new at genealogy, but I have discovered much. Another cousin died on the beach at Dunkirk. As for WW1, well, they are my family to which I can now add so much to James' story. Thank you so very very much. Owen, Tullybrone,Steve Y, Tricky Dicky, Archive monkey, (love that,) and AB64. God bless you all,
    Rose Anne
    PS I am a Kiwi, both sides of my family emigrated here after WW1.
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  9. Hi Alistair, thank you for your interest re James Wedlock. There were 11 (Houses) at Farm Rows, 9 of which housed Wedlocks. All of the men of my family were Miners, and of course, back earlier, so were the women and children.
  10. Frank thank you so much. I am so affected by the replies of you experts. To take the time to reply to an unknown person, and an oldie at that, truly brought me to tears. I am trying to get to know the people of my ancestors, the flesh and bones, character. I would love to know more of James, his Battle and his time in the Stalags. Would love to hear from you. Again, thank you
    Rose Anne
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    I would edit your last post to remove your email address it is not a good idea to post it in an open public forum.

    Once you have his service records that willopen up more avenues for you to research, once started you cant stop on this journey

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    No problem. I will send you some stuff when I get home this evening.

    I get a lot of Kiwis on my battlefield tours to Cassino because of the massive involvement of 2 NZ Div and they are invariably delightful.


  13. Many thanks Tricky Dicky, though I feel a right pillock calling a man by that handle, but.......Rose

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