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    I recently started a page on Facebook about the men and women of my home village, Scarisbrick, who either served or were killed during wartime. Scarisbrick is in Lancashire, near Ormskirk and Southport.

    The page is intended to cover WW1, WW2 and any other conflicts. One of my goals is to put faces to the names on the local war memorials and flesh out their stories a bit. I'm only a novice when it comes to military history, but hopefully I can do it justice.

    Comments and crits are welcome. I know the page will have a limited appeal given that Scarisbrick is only a small village, but if anyone is interested then I'd be very grateful for a "like" or two.

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    Just had a quick peek, looks very good and lots of information there.
    I might start one for our three Memorials
    I am currently researching the names on 2 of our 3 local war memorials, WW1 to start with but have done some stuff on the WW2 chaps. On the 3 memorials we have 115 names, with 4 not on them for an, as yet, unknown reason, although I do have a theory!! along with 60 names of those who served and survived on one of them!

    So not much to do really :biggrin:

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    Excellent work, anyone who has something similar going on knows how much work and effort these projects require. I was hoping one of my 13th King's might be from your neck of the woods, but it seems not.

    Best wishes

  4. PaulC

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    Thanks for the comments, chaps!

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