Save the Commandos Farm (Amfreville, Normandy)

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    Hi all,
    The Commandos farm need you !!

    Sign the petition to save it and check your mail to valid, it's free and can help!

    Unites we conquer!

    Save The Commandos Farm / Sauvons La Ferme Des Commandos | Facebook

    Lieutenant-Colonel Derek Mills-Roberts
    Wrote about the farm and his meeting with M. Saulnier :

    "We pressed on until we came out of the gate of a long meadow on to a road which ran through Le Plein. There a soldierly figure, dressed in corduroy trousers and a tweed jacket, greeted us courteously: he quickly explained that he was the owner of the solidly built farm which lay in front of us and that it would make an excellent observation post. I said, "You know what that means?" His farm would be likely to be badly damaged by German guns if it was used for this purpose. He answered quite simply, "I am an ex-Warrant Officer of the Cuirassiers of the Guard." He was completely unperturbed. His farm dominated the right-hand half of the village and was a most important feature. The farmer gave us useful information about the enemy. I sent a fighting patrol along the village street to watch our left flank. Enemy troops were also in the area of Breville, another small village half a mile in front of us.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Derek Mills-Roberts


    Il faut sauver la Ferme des Commandos...

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    Young re-enactors support the cause for the future of the Commandos’ Farm. This week end, they were all together to highlight the history of Commonwealth troops for the documentary Little Black Devils - From Juno to Putot.

    Des jeunes reconstitueurs et passionnés sont sensibilisés et soutiennent la cause sur l’avenir de la Ferme des Commandos. Tous se sont rassemblés le week-end dernier pour mettre en lumière l’histoire des troupes du Commonwealth, tous bénévoles ils sont figurants pour le film documentaire Little Black Devils - From Juno to Putot.

    Sign and valid

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  3. Owen

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    Are the farm owners refusing to fix it ?
    If they want to fix it but can't afford to do so wouldn't a GoFundMe page be a better option ?
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    Hi Owen,
    The farm owner Mme Saulnier is 90 year old without children. Her family doesn't want to repair the farm and they will definitely sell it. The objective is to prevent this historic site from being razed and replaced by new constructions.
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  5. Owen

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    Any idea on how much they might sell it for ?
  6. piaf

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    The farm isn't for sale at the moment so a price can't be estimated and the property is in a bad state.
    The problem is that no one knows what will happen to it after Madame Saulnier passes away, perhaps the commune will buy it or it will be demolished to make way for new housing.
    The group of young men 'Poppies for Tommies' are keeping it in the public eye to ensure that everything will be done to keep the farm and its memories.

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