Royal Victoria Patriotic School interrogation reports

Discussion in 'SOE & OSS' started by charlie962, Nov 5, 2020.

  1. charlie962

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    The files held at Kew (WO 208 ) seem to be in date order and via Discovery I could not see any names, just report serial number ranges . Is there an online index to names anywhere, please ?

  2. Håvard Dyrø

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    Did you get any answer on this question. I am also interested in name lists on WO 208/ (2155-2192 and 2193-2243), or even better: If someone have these files downloaded, I would be very interested to get a copy.
  3. charlie962

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    Sadly no reply, not a peep. If you get anywhere please let me know.

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  4. horsapassenger

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    Charlie - As you say these reports are filed in date order. Attached to each report is a source slip which gives the individual’s name but there is no nominal index. If you want to look for somebody you have to know the approximate date that they arrived in the UK and start searching from there
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  6. charlie962

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    thanks. I was afraid you would say that.

    If the link kindly given by Tony56 gives only 422 hits, does this mean that it is only a partial listing ?

    I note this entry for some records:
    The person's name and additional information will be added to the catalogue 100 years after the date of birth.


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