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    My uncle served in this regiment during this period. He was a pow for five years in Germany i have all his record numbers service books photos etc but dont know much about where he was a pow exactly or the royal sussex regiment can anyone help ....
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    thanks clive I will apply.

    His name was Ronald Cornelius Spencer
    serial number on his certificate of service is R sussex 14075
    army no 6398451 enlisted at chichester on 20 april 1934
    He was in a pow in germany from 14 June 1940 until may 1945
    he also served in egypt november n1935 -march 1936, sudan march 36 until 28 december 36, then bef france 9 april 1940 until 13 april 1940 when he was captured by the germans. he did survive the was and came home may 1945
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    Welcome Jogaz,

    I wrote your uncle's name, if I'll find a reference during my current search (also concerning several POWs captured in North Africa) I will surely contact you.

    Good luck and, maybe, you can also try with the International Red Cross Association's archives - you would have to wait for some months but it's free of charge for the next of kins. For all the other researchers is quite expensive, about 90 Euro for every single record.

    Best regards,

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    Do you know what battalion he was in before he was captured? You give two dates of capture - I'm assuming you mean May or June as the Germans didn't invade Holland and Belgium until the 10th May unless he was on the SAAR Front when he was captured, but off the top of my head I don't think any Sussex battalions did a sint there.

    If you don't know the battalion I would apply for his service records from the MoD or visit the National Archives on the off chance he filled out a PoW questionnaire.
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    thanks everyone for the info
    he was part of the British Expeditionary Force france from 9 april 1940 until 13 june 1940
    then pow germany from 14 June 1940 until 10 may 1945
  7. Drew5233

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    There was five Sussex Battalions in France with the BEF.

    I would also check this file at the National Archives:

    WO 361/47 British Expeditionary Force, France; Royal Sussex Regiment; missing men
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    He was at BAB21 Blechammer. His prisoner number was 4405
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    Cas lists on FMP says he was in 2nd Btn
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    Hi, The 2nd Battalion Sussex regiment was obliterated near Hazebrouck in May 1940. The war diary was written up sometime later by the survivors.
    George Albert Hawkins. (1919-2014)

    My father George Albert Hawkins, 2nd Battalion Royal Sussex, was captured on the 29th May 1940 just south of Hazebrouck.

    He was sent to Stalag 8b and to working party E72, the Hohenzollern coalmine in Beuthen (now Bytom).

    The mine has a distinctive brick built winding tower, which was listed as an industrial monument, it was still standing in 2005 when his family visited.

    He was here until being marched out on 23rd January 1945, eventually meeting the Americans on 24th April 1945 at Roding, Bavaria.

    regards Roger H

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