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    Hello all,

    My main interest is The ROC and I have an extensive Observer corps collection of equipment, uniforms and paperwork of all periods and also run open days at a small restored ROC post at Cuckfield in West Sussex.

    Here is a small display depicting a former Great War soldier, now serving in the ROC in WW2. All is original (including insignia which came on the BD) except the helmet is a repaint of an original shell with a repro liner.

    The set consists of an original 1942 ROC Battledress (trousers not shown) ‘Suits, Observer Corps, Royal’ and under the ROC breast badge he has pinned the ribbons of his Great War medals. He also has a lanyard on his left shoulder WW1 style, not issued by the ROC and not regulation, but old habits die hard - he probably has his Great War service issue Jack knife on it.

    Around his neck he has the head and breast set for the post telephone next to him, that has his metal Brodie helmet resting on top.

    Slung across his body is his service respirator and kit in its MkVII haversack, and his Air Ministry issue binoculars

    5BCF914C-5004-4037-B1E5-C239E551A21D.jpeg FD114B3B-BC26-4129-9115-8037E0EE3381.jpeg 5A379B03-3E39-4990-B70C-23E9138998E8.jpeg 25B98353-3651-4872-B6C0-3082D091C826.jpeg CCE59EA8-86F1-41FF-B3C2-318E3EFC20CF.jpeg
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