Royal Engineers landing on Gold beach.

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    I hope someone may be of help with my research.
    My Uncle served with the Royal Engineers his name was John Victor Tyson DOB 26th Aug 1922 Linlithgow, West Lothian.
    John was in the reserved occupation in the aircraft industry at Hatfield but he managed to join up in Oct 1942 after his basic training he was transferred to the Royal Engineers and he was taught all about booby traps, explosives, sabotages, and minefields laying and removing.
    John landed on Gold, he lost two friends on landing on Gold by German snipers and five others were injured when a land mine exploded.
    John went on to fight in the Falaise gap and their objective was to take Lille, but after a break they were instructed to proceed to Belguim and they then went to assist the Airborne troops who had landed at Arnhem to gain control of the bridge at Nimagen.
    Just after that the Germans broke through the American lines in Ardens, and his platoon was rushed to Helmond to prepare the defence of the town, for the week the defences held and with the attack by the 51st Highland and 2nd Armoured divisions they forced the Germans back.
    On returning to join their unit his jeep and truck carrying explosives were blown up. John was taken to a field hosp then transferred to a hosp in Brussels and then flown back to England to Sutton emergency hosp.
    John was discharged from the Army in Feb 45 due to his injuries.
    If anyone can help me in tracing his service number and company he was attached to then I can then get a copy of the war diary.
    Sadly we only found out this at his funeral as he never spoke of this and we always assumed he worked at Hatfield during the war.
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    You only need his name & DoB to apply for his records.
    No need for his army number.
  3. If you know the name of at least one of his friends who were killed, we can find their unit which should also be his.

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    Sadly no, I don’t have any names.

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