Royal Engineers in Cornwall 1940-1

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    Looking for accounts and photos of Royal Engineer Units in Cornwall in 1940 to 1941 when the anti-invasion defences of the county were being built:

    9 Field Coy RE (48 Div)
    226 Field Coy RE (48 Div)
    227 Field Coy RE (48 Div)
    224 Field Coy RE (48 Div)
    652 Artisan Works Coy RE
    723 Artisan Works Coy RE
    670 Artisan Works Coy RE
    508 Field Park Coy RE
    579 Field Coy RE
    727 General Construction Coy RE
    724 General Construction Coy RE

    I have the War Diaries of some of them.

    I'm also looking for wartime photos of Army units in Cornwall.

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