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  1. My grt uncle l/sgt George Fenwick died May 22 1945 Italy he is buried Forli War Cem. Was wondering if anyone may have War diary - wondering if his death was recorded and circumstances. Would be grateful of any help
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    Hello. Did some research some time back on wife's father. He was a corporal in 150 R.C. Company worked on line between Udine and Tarvisio in May 1945. If you get any luck with info. would appreciate. The work they were doing is described on an Italian railway associated website ( according to my notes. Sorry have no printed transcript. They formed part of No. 1 Railway Construction and Maintenance Group. Made up of 150 RC coy, 161 RC coy, 46 Mech. Transp. Platoon and 1 Railway Bridging section. If any of that helps.
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    The war diary references at the National Archives are:

    WO 167/945 150 Railway Construction Company Royal Engineers, 1939 Sept.-1940 June

    WO 166/3636 ROYAL ENGINEERS: COMPANIES: 150 Railway Construction Company, 1940 July - 1941 Dec.

    WO 166/8088 150 Company, 1942 Jan.- Oct.

    WO 169/10620 150 Railway Construction Company, 1943 July- Dec.

    WO 170/1640 Companies: 150 Company, 1944 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 170/5181 Companies: 150 Company, 1945 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 170/8089 Companies: 150 Coy, 1946 Jan.- May

  5. Hi many thanks for reply did find a little info also on 150 coy, but hope to obtain diary entries for the day of death . Have attached little info I came across
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  6. Thanks very much for information Lee will be very useful regards les
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