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    Hi Folks

    Does anyone have any details what the Royal Engineers 107 Field Company was up to around the 30th July 1943 in Sicily?

    Would I be right in saying that the Royal Engineers were/are as adept at building things as they were/are at blowing them up.

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    The only way for definate as to 107 Fld Coy was doing at the end of July would be the actual War Diary.

    As for the second question yes they built bridges, roads, tracks, water points Etc

    You can take it that they would have been more than likelyclearing mines, booby traps, filling in craters etc, including being combat troops in the line if required during the fighting
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    If you want to see the 107 Fld Coy RE war diaries, here are the National Archives references for the latter of 1943:


    WO 169/10600, 107 Fd. Coy. (1943 July- Dec.)
    WO 175/624, 107 Coy. (1943 Apr.- June)

    (Downloaded from ARCRE War Diary Search Engine: Arcre - War Diary Search Engine - 2012-10-17 18:06 GMT)


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