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    I am researching my Great-Granduncle Lawrence Donald Lemoine (served as Donald Lawrence Lemoine).

    I have his service record but am looking for more details on his unit: No. 47 General Transport Company, RCASC.

    This unit was a transport company of the First Canadian Army (at that level). It landed on Juno Beach D-Day plus 3 I believe and moved through France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany.

    I am looking for exact details of the unit's movement (like war diaries), rosters, and details on those who may have been in the unit.

    Finding pictures of, or related to this unit would also be a miracle.
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    It is not a good idea to put your email out in a public forum for anyone to get. Any member can start a direct conversation with you by clicking on your name and avatar on the left of your message. You should go to the message above and edit out your email.

    Here are some details on the service of the company from my notes. The war diaries are located at the Library and Archives of Canada (LAC) in Ottawa. You need to visit there to photograph copies or arrange for a researcher to do that for you.

    I have the RCASC Corps history and will take a look for any further details on No. 47 General Transport Company that may in the book. There are also lists of awards in the back that I will look at.


    No. 1 Reserve M.T. Company, RCASC

    17 July 1941 – Authorized – Serial 305 (GO 183/41) (Dated 20 August 1941)
    1 March 1942 - Converted and Redesignated No. 61 General Transport Company, RCASC (GO 119/42) (Dated 10 April 1942)
    14 January 1943 – Converted and Redesignated No. 47 General Transport Company, RCASC (GO 169/43) (Dated 20 April 1943)
    11 March 1944 - Converted and Redesignated No. 47 Army Transport Company, RCASC (GO 307/44) (Dated 24 June 1944)
    30 September 1945 - Disbanded (GO 52/46) (Dated 2 March 1946)

    10 November 1939 – Moved from University Avenue Armouries, Toronto to Canadian National Exhibition Camp, Toronto.
    24 January 1940 – Moved from Toronto to Halifax on TS-41 and embarked on E-19 Aquitania.
    19 October 1942 –Located Overseas.

    War Diaries
    15537 – 1941/04-1942/03
    15538 – 1942/04-1944/01
    15539 – 1944/02-1945/05
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    I have scanned the RCASC history and there is no specific mention of the unit or your Great Grand Uncle. I would suggest pursuing the war diaries since they will give you a general account of the activities of the unit. On the other hand, war diaries tend to mention individual officers by name and not, generally, individual soldiers, although there are exceptions.
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  4. Anthony Blasi

    Anthony Blasi Genea2019

    Thanks for the tip about the email, but it looks like it is too late for me to edit it. In the future I will refrain from adding it.

    Thank you for pointing out the war diaries! And though not much was found, I appreciate you looking through your sources!
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    By 15537 I think David is indicating the volume/box number? The fuller citation would be (archival ref number) RG24-C-3, Volume/box number 15537 or -8 or -9.
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  6. Anthony Blasi

    Anthony Blasi Genea2019

    I believe that is correct, as that is what I have seen on the Canadian Archives website.
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    It is not too late to edit your original post. If you look at the post, you will see and edit link next to the date and time of the post.

  8. Hello from NL.
    I'm looking for the movements of 64th Canadian Transport Coy RCASC. Especially in 1945. Something known about?? Thanks in advance.
  9. dryan67

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    Sorry, no. All I have is the RCASC history and what i have gleaned from Military District war diaries at Heritage Canadiana.
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  10. Thanks anyhow for the answer. All the best from here.
  11. @OP did you ever found more information regarding your Great-Granduncle? I'm looking into a soldier (I adopted the grave in the Netherlands) named Reginald Daniel Dominic. I have quite a good timeline already and he served in the 47th Can. Transport Company from 04/22/1943 till this death at 07/31/1945 (just before they disbanded, he died in a truck accident). Would be great if you or someone here as more information about this company and what they did in the Netherlands.

    Last thing I know from logs is that around april-1943 they where transporting coal from Heerlen (coal mines there) up to the middle of the Netherlands. They where located in the city of Sittard with their unit.

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