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Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Philip Reinders, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Not done this for a while:

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    Dick, I have signed up today specifically to contact you regarding one book in your collection. My great uncle served with 92nd Field Regiment RA and was 'lifted' from the Dunkirk beaches on 01 June 1940. I cannot find a copy of the book by Lt-Col George Aris other than IWM in London and East Sussex Archives. Both a long way to travel just to read a book. Can you help me?
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    Hello Roger
    member has not been on since Sept 2017
    i have sent them a message on your behalf

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    Hope he responds. He's got a copy of Trail and Trial - 35th LAA Regt RA, which I've asked about on this forum before and got no response. Only copy I've been able to trace is at IWM.
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    Thank you Clive. I hope he responds.
  6. Has anybody got a copy of "More wartime memories of the men who served with the 99th (R.B.Y.) Field Regiment R.A."?
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    Can anyone recommend a book which would give me a good snapshot of the RA as an organization during or leading up to WW2? For instance, I'd like to know more about the role of the DRA and where various facilities were. I only just learned about the existence of Shoeburyness, for instance.

    My good local library has a few reference books and I wonder if any of them will suffice or fall short.

    an old Osprey book (1973)
    The History of the Royal Artillery 1919-1939 (Hughes, Nicholson, 1978)
    Battle Thunder, the story of the Royal Artillery (Kenneth Brooks, 1973)

    It also has a copy of Moving the Guns, which I should probably read as well, although goodness knows it's easier to read books at home.
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    The Hughes book is your best bet for a comprehensive book on the lead up to WW2.

    Brief blurb:
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  9. Chris C

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    Thank you, Orwell!
  10. idler

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    There is also the 'red book' 'staff history' The Second World War 1939-1945: Army: The Development of Artillery Tactics and Equipment.
    MLRS did a reprint version but I can't recall how much detail there is on the back office.
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    Thanks guys :)

    The Toronto Public Library has a few books on British units that may(???) not have been mentioned here:

    History of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 5th Battalion, 91st Anti-Tank Regiment, 1939-45 (Desmond Flower, 1950)
    The history of [the] 3rd Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1939-1945 (no date in the catalogue, 381 pages)
    80th (Lowland--City of Glasgow) Field Regiment, R.A., T.A., a history of the period 1939-1945 (1948, 206 p)
    The History of the 7th Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery (now 32nd Medium Regiment R.A.) during World War II, 1939-1945. (1950, 222p)

    If I listed the Canadian regimental books it would take a while longer.
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    Re-reading Spike Milligan's memoirs.
    Still really funny.
    Some of his stories have turned up in other books, but mostly fiction books.
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    Since this thread has been bumped, can I make a desperate request to anyone with a copy of:

    History of the 130th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery and Its Burma Campaigns by D. McCleod (Old Mill Press, 1996, 216 pages)

    Been searching forever and I just can't find it anywhere.

    Edit October 2018: If by chance anyone else is looking for this book you'll find a copy in the archives of SOAS University London, in the Burma Memorial Library. See this linked thread for more:

    Research Resource: The Burma Campaign Memorial Library, SOAS University, London
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    On the specific subject of anti aircraft artillery, there is "Anti-Aircraft Artillery 1914-55" by Brigadier N.W. Routledge, ISBN 1 857753 099 3. Currently out of print, but available if you search internet.
  15. Matt Key

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    My Grandad was in the 150th Field Regiment RA / 1944.

    What books does anyone recommend ?
  16. Uncle Target

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    Cant see what you guys have the pics have been removed (copyright probs?)

    The Eyes and ears of the Regiment 67 Field Regt by Richard Whitfield who was an A/OP.
    Ubique by Arthur M. Cheetham MC of 2nd Field Regt (also in 1st Infantry Div).

    Both cover the same ground, Medjez Tunisia, Anzio, Florence and Gothic Line but from different angles.

    Both taken from a mix of personal memories and War Diaries.

    Both out of print Eyes & Ears v difficult to find. Ubique is from World of Books s/h on Amazon or abe books.
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    No, it'll be either by choice or from difficulties with external image hosting sites. For various reasons after posting here some folks elect to delete their accounts or images in e.g. in Philip's case he used imageshack, while others like myself recently fell foul of an unannounced/overnight change of policy by photobucket.
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    Germany in retreat - Sydney Halsen

    It was an E-book I found on a Swedish (I think) online book store. It was Sydney's war diary whilst he served in the Guards Armoured Division, 94th Light Anti-aircraft Royal Artillery regiment. He drove the office truck and wasn't particularly on the front line, nor report much about any battles his regiment faced. However, there are interesting stories based on his observations. Particularly regarding food! I have struggled to find much information from this regiment, so it was quite interesting to then piece some of the stories with that of the his regiments war diary.
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    Does anyone know if there is a history of the 76th Field Regiment?

    Many thanks

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    Roger, chance you won’t read this as I note you’ve not been on here since 2018, but you can find a copy via The National Archives:

    'The Ninety-Second; a short outline of the 92nd Field Regiment, RA, during the war of 1939-1945', by Liet-Col George Aris | The National Archives

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