Roy Chadwick :Air Crash Avro 689 Tudor 23rd August 1947

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    Roy Chadwick, CBE, FRSA, FRAeS (30 April 1893 – 23 August 1947) was an aircraft design engineer for the Avro Company.
    Roy Chadwick - Wikipedia

    Crash of an Avro 689 Tudor 2 in Woodford: 4 killed | Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives

    Shortly after takeoff from Woodford Airport, while climbing to a height of some 60-80 feet, the four engine aircraft banked right, stalled and crashed in a wooded area. Four occupants were killed while two others were rescued.
    Bill Thorn, pilot, †
    David Wilson, copilot, †
    John Webster, flight engineer and radio operator, †
    Roy Chadwick, technician and designer, †
    Eddie Talbot, flight engineer,
    Stuart Davies, chief designer.
    Probable cause:
    Loss of control after takeoff caused by an incorrect assembly of the aileron control circuit on part of the Avro technicians.

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