Ronald Soo 166 Sqdn.

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    I own a copy of "On Wings of War- A history of 166 Squadron" by Jim Wright (My brother was in 166 Sqn and was also killed in action)

    I see that Soo's death is recorded there but at the moment can't see any more info on him.

    Will keep looking and will come back here if I have any joy.

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    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Hi All

    Trying to find anything out about the above man.

    He was the brother of the footballer Hong Y Soo

    Football Unites, Racism Divides • Hong Y Soo

    any info appreciated



    Details of the above loss.....

    14-15 January 1944

    166 Squadron
    Lancaster III EE137 AS-C2
    Op. Brunswick

    Took off from Kirmington at 1629 hrs. Crashed into wood some 5 km south west of Stockse near Wienberg-Weser


    W/O. W V. Butler +
    Sgt. R E W. Cheeseman +
    F/S. J W. Thomas pow
    Sgt. J. Holden pow
    Sgt. F C. Collins +
    Sgt. R. Soo +
    Sgt. J M. Preston RCAF +

    Extract - ' Bomber Command Losses' Vol.5 - W R. Chorley


    The Brunswick raid 14/15 January 1944

    496 Lancasters and 2 Halifaxes on the first major raid to Brunswick of the war. 38 Lancasters lost, 7.6 per cent of the force. The German running commentary was heard following the progress of the bomber force from a position only 40 miles from the English coast and many German fighters entered the bomber stream soon after the German frontier was crossed near Bremen. The German fighters scored steadily until the Dutch coast was crossed on the return flight. 11 of the lost aircraft were Pathfinders. Brunswick was smaller than Bomber Command's usual targets and this raid was not a success. The city report describes this only as a 'light' raid, with bombs in the south of the city which had only 10 houses destroyed and 14 people killed. Most of the attack fell either in the countryside or in Wolfenbüttel and other small towns and villages well to the south of Brunswick.

    'The Bomber Command War Diaries' - M. Middlebrook / C. Everitt
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    Flt. Sgt. Ronald Soo - Mid Upper Gunner

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    Thank you all. And so fast.

    How do you find this info? Im hopeless.

    Ok I am doing a project for the Chinese community in Liverpool. Do you think I can use any of this info? Who would I credit.

    Brilliant, Thank you again.

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    Who would I credit.


    As far as my post is concerned, please give credit to......

    'RAF Bomber Command Losses' Vol.5 by W R. Chorley
    'The Bomber Command War Diaries' By M. Middlebrook and C. Everitt.

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    For photo you can try to contact David Swallow as it was him who designed website. You have his mail on the home page (on the bottom)

    RAF 166 Squadron
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    I would guess that a simple mention of help given by this forum would suffice.

    Your thread is a timely reminder of the wide variety of backgrounds from which servicemen came during WW2.

    Lest we forget !

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    Seems that he also served with 75 Squadron.


    V-Victor of No.75 Squadron at RAF Feltwell. Captioned “My plane & I. From Ron” Ronnie Soo (John Sandys crew).

    75 Squadron - Audrey Bailey's photographs


    Back Row: L-R Flt Sgt “Spud Murphy”, Petrol Bowser Driver, Lofty Hall (stores), Ernie Brook, Terry (Engine Fitter), Unknown, Alan “Abdul” Budds (Instrument Section), Referee
    Front Row: L-R Unknown, Unknown, Ronnie Soo, Eric Cole, Unknown

    75 Squadron - Ken Flavell photographs
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    Amazing Sol.

    Thank you.

    Thank you all. So much info. I feel like I know him already.

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    I took these in 2008. The different (Last) pub sign was from our 1987 visit.

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