Rommel and his Injuries

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    Shocked to see the Medical Diary of a German doctor who treated Erwin Rommel
    offered for sale yesterday, 17 September, I then discovered Rommel and his injuries were
    discussed in an article in the Journal of Neurosurgery in 2016, which then devolved into
    speculation whether the war would have been shortened had he lived:

    "His head injury on July 17, 1944, resulted in his being removed from the field of battle in northern France, but also meant that he was not able to lend his stature to the assassination attempt of Adolph Hitler on July 20. It is possible that, had he been able to lend his stature to the events, Hitler’s hold on the nation’s government might have been loosened, and the war might have been brought to an end a year earlier. The authors review Rommel’s career, his injury, the subsequent medical treatment, and his subsequent death."

    If the above link does not work, it is Neurosurg Focus Volume 41 • July 2016.

    By the way, the Medical Diary belonged to a physician who treated him under a false name
    at the L'hôpital du Vésinet in St. Germain, outside of Paris,

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