Robert Chapman S.O.E. Operation Disclaim 1942

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    I am looking for any infomation about Robert Chapman, signaller seconded to 133 airborne liaison mission into Yugoslavia on the 5th February 1942?
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    WTO SOE Yugoslavia; Disclaim Mission Deployed 5th February 1942, SAS

    National Rrchives
    HS 5/892 DISCLAIM: capture of party, 1941-1943
    HS 5/893 DISCLAIM: reports, 1941-1945

    Also see, I Spy: The Secret Life of a British Agent By Geoffrey Elliott, chapter 11.

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    Hello Guy,

    Link to a thesis by one Heather Williams here, it's a searchable pdf, ("Disclaim" brings up seven references, five of which relate to the operation, which may be of help to you maybe)

    And, if you have seen it before, or are already aware of the snippets within, apologies.

    Currently looking through William MacKenzie's "The Secret History of SOE", if there's any mention of Signaller Chapman within I'll post up here.

    Kind regards, and good luck with your searching, always (example, of one of the bits from said pdf, below)


    Op DISCLAIM footnote.jpg
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