Rifle Brigade at Calais

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    There was an unwritten rule that no black and white British film ( especially war films ) could be made without Sam Kydd popping up somewhere.
    His book 'For You the War is Over ' has an account of his short war, prised off his Norton Combination in London his unit the Queen Victoria Rifles ( a mechanised reconnaisannce unit ) were sent to defend Calais as infantry in 1940 (lasting 6 days ) and his long war as a P.O.W ( 5 years).

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    I have the war diaries for 1st Bn when they were part of 30 Brigade if you want a copy[/QUOTE]

    Hello Aldersdale,

    Do the War Diaries cover the Siege at Calais at all?


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    The only information I can add is that when he was in Stalag 383 he had a postcard sized portrait painted by a fellow prisoner called HV Suggit, annotating a list with:


    He gave his address as ‘Winchester, Hants (Rifle Depot)’, which may indicate he was a regular soldier - others invariably offered a civilian address. There is no date. The pictures were usually sent to family. Something to look out for?

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