Richmond Park Starfish Decoy Site

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  1. Hi all

    As per my previous posts, I'm trying to piece together mymyrrandfather's journey through the war via his letters home to my gran.

    Family stories told me he had a reserved occupation. He was over 25 when war broke out, had a small holding in Molesey, Surrey and was a carpenter by trade. Rumour had it he was deployed on 'secret camouflage work'.

    I have just found there was a starfish site in Richmond Park, Surrey. Given that he remained at home until he was conscripted age 31 in '43 I suspect this ties in with the family story?

    I've found plenty of references to the location of this starfish site but I'm trying to get a feel for what his wartime experience was like. Does anyone have any info on what day to day business on this -or similar - decoy sites was like? Or indeed the success of this site?

    I should add I've applied for his service records but am awaiting their arrival. I therefore don't know what details they might contain.

    Many thanks

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