RHINE CROSSING 1945: The Rees bridgehead (30 Corps in operation 'Turnscrew')

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    Dear Stolpi do you know where the places are where the pepper pots and artillery were to demolish Hoch Elten, some people say outside the village."Griethuizen" but for example Griethuizen was surrounded by water in that time.
    Or there were more places, like the “Reischwald” Kleve or even from the “Duivelsberg” near Nimwegen.

    Maybe know the solution for me a particularly place or different places?

    Thank you in advance
    Regards, Wim Huthum
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    Stolpi, once again I find myself indebted to work you did years ago. I was just re-reading the report about the Canadian Archers which took out the German SPs, wondered "which regiment's Sherman tank had been brewed up?" on the night of the 25/26th and came across your posts. I think the article by Lee A Windsor is very good.

    I have to admit I am not any clearer on the identity of the burning tank or how Sgt Hudson and the Staffordshire Yeomanry came to be involved. There is mention by Windsor of Essex Yeomanry DD tanks and 4/7 Dragoon Guards Shermans but not Staffs Yeo.

    I wonder if anyone has solid information on 8 Armoured Brigade and when their units crossed? Wikipedia obviously is not to be relied upon, but the page about the brigade in Op Plunder claims that the Essex Yeomanry didn't cross until 27 March. So maybe the references to Essex Yeomanry are a mistake and they were in fact Staffordshire Yeomanry? (8th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia)
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    Indeed so. Only the Staffordshire Yeomanry were in the Rees area. I remember a conversation with an eminent writer on armour who told me that only four Staffs Yeo DDs got across the Rhine, whereas it was only four that FAILED to get across - I think he had conflated another incident, but not at Rees.
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