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  1. My Grandfather Ronald Buckler 1798439 was in the Royal Artillery Light Anti Aircraft, but I have no idea what regiment, I know he was wounded and left for dead during Market Garden and that he transferred from the RA LAA to Notts and Derby Sherwood Foresters in 1945.
    His brother William Buckler 4976137 was enlisted with the Notts And Derby Sherwood Foresters 2nd Battalion in 1938 before transferring to ACC in 1942.
    I'm hoping to find information on the regiment my Grandfather was with as well as stories, pictures and any information on his and his brother's service.
    I know of a third brother that served during the war, his name was Fred, but I don't have any information on his service at all.
    Attached are photos of my Grandfather.


    I look forward to hearing from you all, thank you in advance to anyone that has any information
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Good advice from Tony to apply for the family records. You don’t need army service numbers for your third relative as MOD will still search on full name and DOB only.

    It’s the best way forward although as your grandfather was wounded on Market Garden he should feature on the official Casualty Lists available on findmypast.

    The majority of LAA units were disbanded by late 1944. Forum member Ron Goldstein went from 49 LAA in Italy to an armoured regiment.

    You may need to return to the forum once you receive the records from MOD - for assistance in interpretation.

    Good Luck

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  4. Thank you Steve, I've had a look, can a service number change?
    The number I've got is 1798439 which links to the Foresters, but these sites have an R Buckler who was a gunner with the RA using the number 1630279, is there a chance its the same person?
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    Which “sites” do you mean?

    A mans army service number didn’t change in WW2 when he transferred Regiments - unlike during WW1 (Regimental Numbers then) when some Regiments issued new regimental numbers even when a man just moved to another Battalion in the same Regiment.

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    I also saw the same records that the OP mentioned for the 1630279 R Buckley......initially on the site that may not be mentioned(?!), but they are repeated on Ancestry..... on Ancestry they come up on the UK Allied POW Lists catalogue and show that the 1630279 R Buckley was with the RA Heavy Anti Aircraft (different to the LAA of the 1798439 Buckley) and a POW at Stalag IV-A Elsterhost. Was the transferring of army service numbers absolutely definitive in WW2...?... not doubting you fella, I just didn't know that........ if that is the case then it feels like a coincidence only..... and as usual only solved by the application for the MOD records.
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    There were approx 3 million men in the British Army during WW2 so statistically it could be that you’ll find 2 men with same surname and forename in the same branch of service with different Army numbers - think if welsh regiments etc.

    Army service numbers were introduced in 1920 to replace Regimental numbers as a man could accumulate a handful or more numbers in his service as he was transferred repeatedly in wartime. It was deemed better than one number was kept even if a man transferred Regiments.

    The only way a man could have 2 different Army service numbers is when he had previous service (think TA service pre war) and he rejoined or was conscripted and failed to disclose previous service. MOD searching nowadays on a full name and DIB would likely turn up both files that will likely have been filed separately for almost 80+ years.

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    As advised apply for his service record.

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    Service number 1798439 does not appear in the casualty lists, the only R Buckler to be found is 1630279 Gnr R BUCKLER 282/88 Hy.A.A.. Rgt missing Cyrenaica 20.6.42

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    His attestation was 1941

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    Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 18.45.27.png
    Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 18.46.07.png
    Possibly 2nd Battalion The Sherwood Foresters, they were in Egypt from December 1945 to April 1946?
    All would be confirmed with a copy of his service records.
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    Is the white triangle 1st Infantry Division insignia? What is 68?

    ps - still need service record.
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    Yes 1st Inf Div.
    68 is the middle battalion in the junior brigade.
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  14. That's amazing, what does it mean by York P/59?
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    IMHO It’s merely an annotation by a clerk the meaning of which will be difficult to discover - although you might be able to glean more when you obtain his service papers.

  16. Ah okay, I'm going to get my Dad to order them and I'll pay for them as he's next of kin, figured it might unlock more info

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