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    Auxiliary Units, Britains secret resistance organisation took over Coleshill House and the Coleshill Estate as GHQ and training camp.

    The use of explosives was always high on the training agenda. At some point during the war there was an explosion which demolished part of the single storey annex building. It was rebuilt.

    I am trying to find any reference to the incident - when it happened, why and who would have been responsible for carrying out the rebuild - the Ministry of Works or Royal Engineers.

    I am also looking for information about the De requisitioning of the Estate and if a list damage would have been made. Where would such reports have been sent and if they still exist.

    Any help appreciated
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    Hello Bala,

    Re derequisitioning, it might mean a trip to Kew:

    'During the later part of the Second World War, and after the War, the Ministry of Works dealt with the derequisitioning of property taken over for government use, as well as with compensation claims in respect of requisitioned property, the disposal of surplus buildings and stores, the removal of temporary defence works on private land and the restoration of the land.'

    A possible lead here for documentary sources:

    'After the war the family did not return and the estate was sold to Mr Ernest Cook (one of the founding directors of the Thomas Cook travel company). At this date the Estate included the Buscot estate which had also been bought by Mr Cook. '

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