Remembering Today 8/11/40 Aircraftman 1st Class P.J.Deebank R/62640 Royal Canadian Air Force

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by CL1, Nov 8, 2014.

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    good day today.8/11/40.aircraftman 1st class p.j.deebank,r/6264o royal canadian air force.age 20.may he rest in peace,regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy:
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    OK, I'll bite the bullet - Percy is the only CWGC burial at North Branch, Martintown, Ontario.
    That must be a lonely place for him and there HAS to be more of a story here.....
    Anyone have any more to add?

    The R/ prefix is an RCAF one, and not an RAF lad in training, so presumably he must have been a resident of the area before enlisting, as if he died there in an accident, surely he'd have been buried at a less "remote" location?
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    Drowned when his canoe capsized in Lake Erie.

    He was serving with No.1 Bombing and Gunnery School and entered the water off Hoover Point to recover a drogue.

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