Remembering Today 22 November 1945. The Crew of Liberator VI KL587

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    Wednesday, 22 November 1945

    Liberator VI KL587
    214 Squadron ex 34 Squadron SAAF

    Crashed into high ground on Crete during a transit flight from Palestine to the UK for disposal. (Crewed by 214 Squadron personnel)


    Warrant Officer Reginald Ernest TWOMEY 22 Pilot +
    Warrant Officer Donald Oliver BRADBURN Flight Engineer +
    Flying Officer James CRAIG Wireless Operator +
    Flight Sergeant Terence Noel GALLAGHER 20 Navigator +
    Flight Sergeant Frank Henry HALL 22 Air Gunner +
    Flight Sergeant Ernest Henry HARTREY Air Gunner +
    Flight Sergeant Dennis Howard POMERY 24 Air Gunner +
    Flight Sergeant Patrick SINNETT 21 Bomb Aimer +

    Movement history of Liberator VI KL587

    Delivered Dorval 18 February 1945
    To the Middle East
    Arrived Maison Blanche 4 March 1945
    To 34 Squadron SAAF.
    Flew into mountains on Crete during a ferry flight to the UK 22 November 1945
    Struck Off Charge 25 November 1945.
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    :poppy: Lest we forget.


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