Remembering Today 18/1/44 Private H.J.Holcombe 5680638 Wiltshire Regiment 2nd Bn.

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery


    Service No:
    Date of Death:
    Wiltshire Regiment

    2nd Bn.
    Grave Reference
    IV, E, 2.
    Additional Information:
    Son of Samuel John and Lila Holcombe, of Bristol; husband of Irene Alice Holcombe, of Bedminster, Bristol.
    CWGC - Cemetery Details
  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    War Diaries - The Wardrobe

    2nd Wiltshire Garigliano River., Italy
    [THE CROSSING OF THE RIVER GARIGLIANO. From Supplement] 0115: Leading Coys start their advance. 0130: Advance is halted on the first objective - Stream from Stream Junc 824951 - including BUILDING 822947. This was due to the failure of the Inniskilling crossing and the situation of the 17th Bde on our left. 0430: Barrage starts and the Bn begins to advance. During the advance two guns shoot short and fall amongst the Coys but casualties are slight. 0700: Forward Coys start to meet opposition and 2 P.O.W's are taken. 0830: B and D Coys reach EAST end of TUFO and B Coy push on through village and penetrate half way into the enemy positions on Pt 210 (795972). Hand to hand fighting takes place. Enemy are too strong for B Coy who withdraw to EAST end of TUFO and form a defensive locality with D. During this fighting Major Clark, O.C. B Coy had the first of two miraculous escapes from the enemy. Going forward to find one of his platoons he ran into some enemy and took cover in a house where he was surrounded. He fought his way out with his pistol. S Coy capture Pt 102 (805955). A Coy relieved from the Bridgehead come up into Bn Reserve. 0900: C Coy held up by strong enemy position below TUFO and hold a light counter-attack. Casualties light. 1500: During the evening 2 Coys 2 CAMERONIANS placed under Command of the Bn attacked Pt 201 but failed to take the feature. B and D Coys were counter-attacked twice during the night. Both attacks were beaten off mainly by good fire direction of Artillery O.P. with B and D Coys. 1630: Enemy tanks and infantry come along Road from MINTURNO (7895) and attack Bn HQ on rear slopes Pt 102. Attack beaten off. One tank hit by PIAT and turret damaged. 1800: C Coy ordered back to Pt 102 in order that their area may be shelled.

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