Reichswald walk - Reenacted

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    I would like to show some pics of one of our events. A ew years ago reebactors and collectors from 5 countries met in the Reichswald for a wreath laying ceremony at the British and the British war cemetery in the Reichswald.

    After that we made a walk through the historical battlefield. We got the permission by the German authorities doing this in full combat order with (deactivated) weapons. In 16 kilomters we followed the route of Kranenburg-Cleve-Materborn (15th and 53rd Div).

    At some stations a local historian gave reports of the battle in that area.

    3rd_Reichswald_March_59.jpg 3rd_Reichswald_March_29.jpg 13.jpg 12.jpg 1.jpg Kranzniederlegung ganz.jpg
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