Regimental reunion and the Cavalry Parade

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    Hi everyone,

    On Saturday evening, 10th May, it was dinner with the UK Branch of the North Irish Horse Regimental Association, at the Victory Services Club close to Marble Arch. Of the forty or so attendees there were just four of us who had served in the regiment during the war - I remembered two of them - several photographs were taken of us. The proceeding were enlivened by the presence of a piper from the Royal Irish Rifles in full regalia!

    The big event was the following morning, the Combined Cavalry and Old Comrades Parade and Memorial Service. held in Hyde Park.

    Marching six abreast, in five groups by order of unit seniority each preceded by a full military band, the leading regiment was The Blues and Greys among their contingent was Prince Harry. During the march we were twice admonished by our group's RSM "Gentlemen, let me see you march properly - you're back in the Army now!"

    As we approached the saluting Base came the order "Eyes Right" taken by The Prince of Wales. With him, at attention, were army bigwigs and Commonwealth representatives from Australia, Canada, Fiji, India, New Zeaalnd, Pakistan and the President of South Africa.

    During the service, conducted by the Army's Chaplain General, wreaths were laid first by the Prince of Wales. Prior to the Last Post, played by the State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry, a Chelsea Pensioner (WW II REME) read "They shall not grow old........."

    After a piper from Royal Scots Guards Dragoons had played "The Lament" and the final hymn sung, the State Trumpeters played "Reveille", the newest Army recruit, a somewhat nervous trooper from 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards, then read "When you go home......" prior to prayers ending the service.

    Next week it's off to Northern Ireland for two parades - one on the 23rd in Londonderry, and two days later in Belfast.

    Cheers, Gerry
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    Does your globetrotting know no bounds Gerry?

    I tried to find a few pictures, but funnily enough it seems the entire press were focused almost entirely on the Prince in your midst.


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