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    All, here is the next plea from my ebay buys.

    F/L Frederick Walter Street ....I think, pics attached. Anyone help with his ID and service? Thanks


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  2. KevinBattle

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    The closest on CWGC is
    STREET-PORTER, FREDERICK WALTER OLLIS. Flying Officer. Service Number 83000. Died 14/01/1942
    114 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
    Commemorated at RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL Panel 67.
    Chorley has
    T/O West Raynham 17:35 Shot down by flakship and crashed 20:42 in the sea off Schiermonnikoog.
    F/Lt BJ Adam RAAF (pilot);
    Sgt JA Willis;
    F/O FWO Street-Porter
    ... but having signed with two forenames, would he had omitted the third, or his double barrelled surname?

    No other Frederick xxxx Street on CWGC, so hopefully your chap survived.
  3. wibs12

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    Found a potential service number, 1336893

    Found the following death info copied from Ancestry....... the full name fits, there is a south west link, and the year of birth would also work for serving in WW2

    .... needs further work to prove / disprove.

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Record information.
    Frederick Walter Street
    09/1988 Torbay Devon England

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  5. Pat Atkins

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    Wouldn't a J prefix indicate a Canadian service number, which doesn't seem to fit - I guess it's the copy quality, or maybe a misprint? Can't open the link on my phone to look.
  6. alieneyes

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    The LG links are fine, Pat.

    It's the search results which show a J in lieu of the number 1.

    LG Frederick Walter Street.png

    The J series of RCAF officers' numbers never went as high as 7 digits.


  7. Pat Atkins

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    Aha - thanks for the clarification, Dave.


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