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  1. Hello,

    i ask help to identify this vehicle canadian unit signs. The flash are Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, with a dark green. I not find corrispondance with numer 42. Do you help me?

    I think 3rd canadian division, one RCASC brigade.

    Thanks!!! 120599279_622494758632031_7033080298374333840_n.jpg
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    I’ve searched my resources and I don’t know of ANY Canadian RCASC Unit with that AoS marking. The “closest” I can get is the number 40.....which was “Headquarters of a Canadian Division Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC)”. I’ve also checked the First Canadian Army and they don’t seem to have any RCASC unit with that marking. Hopefully someone else can enlighten us on this.
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    Here are some of the RCASC markings I have in my records:

    Canadian Infantry Divisions

    Canadian Armoured Divisions

    First Canadian Army

    Independent Canadian Armoured Brigades

    As I said, maybe another member has additional information that can hel
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  4. Hodges & Taylor pages 71-72 quote a War Office letter of 12 April 1940 as stating that the Corps Amn Park RASC was to have the serial number 42 over Red/Green, diagonal and a white horizontal 2" bar above the serial number. Since the letter does not specify which way the diagonal should be, nor that the white bar should be at the very top of the AoS flash, the marking on the helmet might be considered as fully compliant with these instructions, even for a British unit.

    Alternatively, the Canadian style RASC flash might indeed mean a Canadian unit, although I do not know whether these instructions applied to Canadian units as well (or whether there even were such units in the Canadian Army) at that time.

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  5. Looks like the "Canadian" style RASC flash was the norm for Div & Corps units in 1940. See this and related posts;
    BEF Vehicle Arm of Service Markings (GHQ and others)
    I won't however be drawn any further into the quagmire of BEF markings and will therefore leave this matter to the many 1940 lunatics who haunt this forum. Not giving any names here, but they know who they are...

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    From Barry Beldam and the defunct Armoured Acorn site, nothing for Army, Corps or Divisional lists for 1944-1945.

    Have found a 43 (red over green diagonal) w/ white stripe above for a Corps LAA Regt Pl, circa Jan 1944. For 2 Cdn Corps, that would be 6 LAA Regt Pl.

    He concurs with Michael's find, 42 was used for a Corps Ammunition Park 'up to 1940', no longer in use as of his 1942 lists. He does not mention the white stripe for 1940, perhaps an oversight.
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