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    Hi All

    I hope to pick your brains over this.
    My grandfather join up to the army in 1940 as a driver and was then attached to a few different units. What i am after is, dose anyone know where these units were posted to in the time frames i will show you below.
    Ok here goes

    15/5/40 posted to 192 Field Ambulance
    11/9/41 attatached to 185 Field Ambulance
    17/2/44 posted to 49 Field Dressing Station
    Then embarked for BLA on 4/6/44 Think i may know this bit :)
    10/11/45 posted to 12 Field Dressing Station
    And then relased from the army on 16/1/46

    I belive he may have been the driver for one of the OC's of said units. As my dad was told that my grandfarther had a sub machine gun instead of a rifle. Also looking assome the docs i have about his army service he end up in Germany as a driver for (i think) OC for 12 field dressing station. He was also 'Q' on staff cars which is why i belive he was a driver for the OC's.
    Any info on the above would be a great help

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    Hi Steve - can you get to the National Archives in London? They pretty much have all of the RAMC war diaries for WW2 in the WO 177 series.

    Unfortunately I tend to avoid these files myself as they are so thick. However if you can't get there a forum member called Lee copies war diaries too at a very good price and I'm sure he'd be happy to help if you can't get there.

    The diaries will give you a good idea of where they were and what they were doing on a day to day basis.

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    Here are the war diary references that you'll need:

    WO 177/790, 192 Field Ambulance (1940 Jan.- 1944 Feb.)
    WO 177/783, 185 Field Ambulance (1940 Jan.- 1945 Sept.)
    WO 177/897, 12 F.D.S. (1943 Jan.- 1946 Feb.)
    WO 177/924, 49 F.D.S. (1944 Feb.- 1945 Nov.)

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    Thanks guys for the info, but due to work and not living near london i am unable to vist Kew.
    So i may need your help to get the info for me

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