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    Being that I'm not one to give up..

    I'm looking for people who had family who joined the Royal Montreal Regiment in 1939, who also would have left from Montreal headed to Halifax to be on the first convoy out on 10 December, 1939.
    There were 2 trains that left Montreal during this time, on 6 December, 39, that arrived in Halifax on the 7th.

    Hopefully by searching for these other people, I'll be able to find group photos, and maybe a few of my Grandfather.

    Enlisted with the Royal Montreal Regiment September 29, 1939.
    Departed Montreal December 6, 1939.

    Transferred to No. 1 Convalescent Depot March 23, 1941.
    Transferred to No. 1 Transport Company RCASC June 25, 1941.
    Spent time in No. 16 Canadian General Hospital.
    Discharged June 6, 1945

    I know there were five ships that sailed as part of the first convoy destined to Britain.
    Aquitania - E4
    Duchess of Bedford - E6
    Empress of Britain
    Empress of Australia
    Monarch of Bermuda

    I would also like to find out which ship he may have been on, and whether or not a list of soldiers who sailed on which ships might be available.

    Mostly looking for pictures associated with his time in various places. For me, it's like being introduced to him for the first time..

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    No point having duplicate threads when members are already trying to help on this one.
    Ralph Wesley Grace
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