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  1. So would he be doing any basic training in this period?
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    No - only 1 day at RC so not even enough time to be kitted.

    Basic Medical to confirm fit for general service home and field in peace or war.
    Required to state age and warned of mis-statement
    Required to give full particulars of any previous service
    Description, particulars of marriage, NoK, place of birth, civilian occupation and any distinguishing marks noted by MO on medical recorded.

    Sent home to reserve - no tasks required to be carried out

    Recall back to Recruit Depot
    Trade Tested
    Completion of Attestation by signature Form 75
    Dental on Form 48
    Full medical on Form 62
    Identity discs issued
    Misc Record Sheet Form 125 created
    Kitting and creation of Form 1862 Airmans Record of Kit
    Statement of qualification for registration as Air Force Voter Form 514
    Creation of Certificate of Service Form 280
    Service and General Conduct sheets created Form 120 and Form 121
    Medical history envelope Form 48 created and filled with dental and medical results
    Cert of National Health and pensions insurance on enlistment created Form 1847
    Claim to family allowance created if eligible Form 850
    Signature on Form 1546 for willingness to be remustered if fitness/ability for entry trade not attained
    Form 339 created and sent to RAF Records

    During this a DI will create the ability to move and behave in a military manner.

    Then it's off on the trade training merry-go-round until either spat out as trade trained man or remustered to go down another trade route.

  3. Waoh. Thanks for all this. Really do appreciate your time and expertise.
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