Régiment de Maisonneuve, Battle of Normandy 1944

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    Finished outlining the movements of the Régiment de Maisonneuve of the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade during the Battle of Normandy, 1944 at Virtual History Project. Most other principal combat units of the Canadian Army are outlined as well.

    The RdM landed 7 - 9 July, fought through CAEN and up the ORNE VALLEY. In August it drove south towards FALAISE, then was at the front of the push to the SEINE RIVER. It was one of the first units to pass through ROUEN on August 31 and by the end of the day was half-way to DIEPPE.

    I'll note that the War Diary entries for August 11, 1944 are a day ahead of neighboring units, which I have corrected in this virtual re-animation.

    Would love for you to add additional information to their data log (letters, images, etc). Let me know what needs to be improved! Best, erik

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