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Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by Surrealism, Feb 11, 2022.

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    Hello, I am new to this forum, and my purpose of being here is to try to find something that I have been trying to find for a long time, the most popular marches, songs, or hymns of all the SS divisions (German and foreign volunteers ), someone has a list with the songs of all the divisions? It should be noted that I already know some of the most famous divisions (Leibstandarte AH, Estonian Volunteers and Latvians). Thank you for your time.
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    The mantra is one of welcoming new members and encouraging them to look and join in as much or as little as they like

    Can I ask your interest in the SS marching music/songs
    You say you have been trying to find for a long time
    How Long

    Nazi songs - Wikipedia
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  3. Surrealism

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    4 or 5 months, I was able to find the best known divisions and one of the SS Ukranian Galician Division, SS Croatian Division, and there are still several divisions. You know some?, and sorry if my English is bad i'm not native
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    No i do not know any

    your English is very good

    I would suggest you might like to join a forum that has an interest in SS divisions or the axis forum who might be able to assist you
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    Ok, thank you
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    Buena suerte con tu búsqueda, lo siento, no podemos ayudarte más.
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    On this forum, any SS songs are likely to be drowned out by "Bollocks, and the same to you !"...(They make a damned fine stew, if you wondered and don't wish to explore the various theories about Uncle Adolf's ).
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    I'm not sure there were that many division-specific songs. Erika, and sometimes the Teufelslied seem to come up most often as their general military 'theme tunes' with a mix of the same music popular across the wider military,
    I certainly have versions of the Panzerlied, Horst Wessel etc. captioned as performed by SS bands/choirs. (Though never quite trust the listings as they're often pretty un-sourced or 5th hand). Strongly suspect a lot of the idea of unit-specific songs is based more on postwar gatherings of the HIAG, etc., But I'm no expert on this stuff. AHF, Wehrmacht Awards etc. are perhaps more likely to carry some genuine understanding.

    Some of the 'Eastern' organisations are often said to have had their own music. The Galicians, Latvians etc., but again I'm a tad suspicious as the attribution of 'volunteer' divisional preferences is also a bit iffy.

    Older thread on German military music, though I'm afraid it's mangled by assorted forum moves over the years:
    German Marching Songs
    Might merge this in there.
  9. ltdan

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    There is the notorious "SS Liederbuch", which can be found as a .pdf on the net.

    It may seem a bit weird, but I have certain principles regarding the public dissemination of such specific Nazi filth, so I won't link directly to it here: Seek and you shall find
  10. Ramiles

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    The IWM does have this in their online archive....

    Marching and Singing: Songs and Marches From Nazi Germany, 1933-1945

    Although the online description is not particularly descriptive...

    "Object description
    Compilation of music entitled 'Marching and Singing: Songs and Marches From Nazi Germany, 1933-1945', performed by the Musikkorps der Bundeswehr"


    Nazi songs - Wikipedia

    "Nazi songs are songs and marches created by the Nazi Party. In modern Germany, the public singing or performing of songs exclusively associated with the Nazi Party is now illegal."

    It does seem quite odd to approach with other than an academic interest? Or whether any interest should be justified. There are parts of Das Boot or other WW2 movies or series - where the music might have touched a legal point, although perhaps - it might be argued in cases that certain sounds are not "exclusive" - "singing or performing of songs exclusively associated with the Nazi Party". Similar situations with Wagner and Strauss and other music that was popular with the Nazis etc.

    Music in the movie Das Boot -

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