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    I am trying to write up my bibliographic entry for Vanguard: The Fort Garry Horse in the Second World War. Here is a photo I took of the publication info from the book.

    I used google translate to figure out that Uitgevers-Maatschappij means publishing company. And I did a google search on "C Misset NV" and came up with a Dutch article. So I think more properly the company would have been "Cornelis Misset NV"?

    Does anyone know if they used "Cornelis Misset" - the full name? And does anyone know what "N.V." stood for? I imagine it might be something quite standard in Dutch, abbreviated.


    Oh and if you got this far, this is what the cover of the book looks like. Nice!

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    NV = Naamloze Vennootschap (Dutch: Limited Liability Company)

    There are several books in this link published at about the same time as Vanguard and all have the publisher as C. Misset NV.
    Aan De Gaskamer Ontsnapt ! (Escaped from the Gaschamber !) [First Print] by (Anne Frank connected) R. De Winter-Levy - 1 Sept 1945

    or you could check with the company

    "In 1873, 24-year old Cornelis Misset set up a commercial printer’s in the Grutstraat in Doetinchem. The first high-pressure rotary press went into operation in 1899. Some years later, Misset became a public limited company: NV Nederlandsche Drukker- en Uitgeversmaatschappij ‘C. Misset’ Doetinchem. The first offset press was purchased in 1925, followed a few years later by the first rotogravure press."
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