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    Hello there all, I’m trying to find out when my grandfather changed regiment/division from the queens royal west surrey to the queens royal west Kent. In his paper it says 25th nov 1942 after Alamein but from users here and unit diaries from the time I can’t find a record. His name is David Alfred Atkins 14203882. He was with either 1/5 1/7 1/6 qrws (131st lorried). Many thanks
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    You say his papers are they his service records?
  3. Gman142536

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    Nooo sorry I’m waiting for them but I do strongly reckon he was 5th battalion qrwk because of where they were and my mum knowing his route. In the qrws all I know he was either in any of the three territorial battalions in the 131st lorried. I know the 1/7ths and one 1/6ths were Bermondsey and southwark, the 1/5th Guildford area. My grandad was in Croydon so maybe 1/6 1/7
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    Grasping at straws I know
  5. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Poss best wait for them otherwise you could get on the wrong track
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    Just a nitpic! It is the Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment. Might affect your googling!
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    Sorry, here's another! :)
    Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
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  8. David Woods

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    14203882 Pte. David Alfred Atkins.jpg .
    Enlisted G.S.C. 19.02.1942.
    Transferred to Queen's Royal Regiment 19.02.1942.
    Transferred to The Queen's Royal West Kent Regiment 25.11.1942.
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    Thank you, I’ve seen it written as that from the older days they say. The more info the better, many thanks
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    Thank you, that’s the only bit of paperwork I’ve found so far. Do you know what G.S.C means? According to the unit diaries there’s no mention of him being transferred then.
  11. Owen

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    General Service Corps.

    With whom the recruits did their basic training.
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    Thank you !
  13. Gman142536

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    Does anybody know how many men made up each battalion of 131st lorried brigade. I know they were between 3-4 companies per battalion but I was wondering if there was any paperwork on numbers

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