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    So I'm trying to write a story but I need a lot of information. I'd like to know the minimum age that was accepted to join the QA's, and the training involved for those who joined during the war. Pictures of the uniforms from 1941 to 1945 would help a lot. I'd also like to know about the QA's in Greece and other places in Europe they were situateed such as France. It would be much appreciated.
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    Can't help, but has lots of info.
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    I appreciate that this is outside the period of your research but thought that you may be interested in the attached photo of my great aunt, Louisa Elizabeth Anthony (1894-1972), who joined the QAIMNSR in 1918. Best of luck.

    Anthony, Louisa E 02.jpg
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    According to the plans for the 2nd British Expedition to Greece (OP MANNA), 50 nursing sisters went to Greece on board the 10,172 ton personnel ship SS Ville d'oran. She was planned to depart Taranto, to sail for 2 days and arrive in Piraeus between D+3 & D+8 (18-23 Oct 1944). They were part of the 97th General Hospital which was to be established in the Psychico district of Northern Athens. Also sailing over from Italy was the 7,000 ton hospital ship Maine.

    According to the diaries of 150 (N) Light Field Ambulance, 97 Gen Hosp was unloaded at Piraeus on 18 Oct 1944 and opened on the 25th Oct 1944 with 40 beds initially, rising to 600 by December.

    Hope this helps

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    Thank you.. Much appreciated..:)
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    I wouldn't mind learning more about her..:)
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    Thank-you, Gus..:) This does help.. I know a bit more now.
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    Angie, when you mention Greece are you referring to the 1944 deployment Gus refers to above or the earlier 1940/41 operations in Greece?
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    Anything around 1943-1945 would be useful..:)
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    This might help with uniforms
    North Africa and Syria
    Please excuse double post still new here :D

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    This may help with uniforms.
    North Africa and Syria Early 1943.
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    Thank-you.. I needed that..:)

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