Pte Richard Thomas Brayne 1st Bn Royal Norfolk 1/3/45

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    While researching my grandfathers service, I came across the form that was sent to him and his father notifying them that his brother was killed in action in western europe on 1st march 1945.

    Since Finding the form I've managed to find where he was was part of the Normandy landings at Sword beach and that he was buried at Reichswald Forest War Cemetery in Germany:


    I'd noticed that some people have access to some 1st Battalion's war diary scans and was wondering if they might have something from the end of February / 1st March 1945 range that may explain what happened to him.

    Thank you in advance!

    Name: Richard Thomas Brayne
    Service Number: 5116194
    Died: 01/03/1945
    Age: 29
    1st Bn. Royal Norfolk Regiment

    Edit: I did notice the Grave registration scan shows at least 11 others from the 1st battalion passing away on the same day.
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  2. Owen

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    5116194 , his number shows he originally enlisted into the Royal Warwicks.
    Royal Warwickshire Regiment 5094001 - 5172000
    Army Number Block Allocations

    Some info to start with from
    1. Patrick Delaforce's book Monty's Iron Sides pages 164 & 165.
    2. Norman Scarfe Assault Division page 216.

    I haven't got this book (have read it years ago though) but suggest you try to get it.
    Thank God and the Infantry: From D-Day to VE-Day with the 1st Battalion, the Royal Norfolk Regiment
    John Lincoln

    montysironsides164.jpg montysironsides165.jpg assaultdivision216.jpg

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  3. Guy Hudson

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    Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 09.25.04.png
    Murmannshof Farm

    He was previously wounded on the 14th October 1944
    Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 09.32.29.png
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  4. Owen

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    Was he with 1 Royal Norfolks in October ?
    I know the OP said he'd landed at Sword in June but just checking.
  5. Guy Hudson

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    He was.
    Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 09.59.33.png
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  6. Owen

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    From Delaforce again page 122 for 14th October 1944.

    page 122 montysironsides.jpg

    page 165 from Scarfe.

    scarfe page 165.jpg
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  7. NBrayne

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    Thank you both so much for your help, this gives a far better idea of what happened than the "Killed in western europe" I had before hand, Thank you.

    I don't want to push my luck, but in regards to my grandfather Arthur Brayne (The brother of Richard Brayne) He survived the war, but never spoke of his time in service, until recently all i had to go on was a picture of him as a young man in uniform with a pyramid behind him.

    Using the link you gave for army block allocations His ID 4034822 shows him as being in the The King's Shropshire Light Infantry.

    Yet his marriage license has him in the Hertfordshire regiment and then shows him as being in the York & Lancaster Regiment.

    Is there any chance you could point me in the right direction to pinpoint his specific unit? I'm trying to figure out where exactly he was during the war, all he mentioned to my mother was about a case of malaria he had (not sure if that would be the reason for the 1944 injury record?)

    Thank you again, even if you can't help with this, the help with my mother's uncle is so very appreciated, over the past 24 hours we've gone from knowing nothing to having a very good idea as to what happened and knowing where his grave is in germany, been a humbling experience.
  8. Owen

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    Maybe best to start a new thread about your Grandfather.
    As for moving regiment , the Army sent men where they were needed , nothing unusual .
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  9. NBrayne

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    Will do, thank you!
  10. Owen

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    I'm sure some of kind Dutch members who live near the cemetery can get you a photo of his headstone soon.
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  11. smdarby

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    Norfolk memorial at the Molen Beek (Loobeek), which was crossed by the Norfolks on 16/10/44. Pte Brayne was probably wounded in the woods just to the north of here. The first photo was taken a couple of years ago with my back to the Loobeek, so north is behind the monument.
    DSCF3798.JPG DSCF3797.JPG
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